Health, Safety

and Environment (HSE)

Dredgit is proud of its exemplary safety and environmental records, which are a testament to HSE’s importance in our management focus, culture, and daily field operations.

Dredgit has never had an environmental-related accident, incident, or spill. Its current EMR is a (very) low .85, and the Company is a member-in-good-standing of the following health and safety organizations: ISNetworld, Avetta/BROWZ, and DISA (our TPA for drug testing).




At Dredgit, ‘Sustainability’ is not just a popular catchword. Rather, it’s the foundation of our entire business. Across the company’s four divisions—Marine, Civil, Environmental, and Industrial—our operations are focused on the management, conservation, and sustainability of one of our most precious resources, water.

Our projects increase the hydraulic efficiency and storage capacity of federal navigation channels and basins, rivers and estuaries, reservoirs, upland placement areas, industrial firewater ponds, process lagoons, feeder canals, recreational and ornamental lakes, environmentally sensitive wetlands and wildlife sanctuaries, and other essential water storage resources.

As such, our work improves flood control and mitigation, preserves wildlife sanctuaries and habitats, increases the efficiency of water-borne commerce, and enhances the safety of large industrial plants and mills.