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Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche has 30 years’ experience in creating and leading infrastructure development projects around the globe. Since 2000, Ms. Mark-Jusbasche has been president of Resource Development Partners, LLC, (RDP) investing in energy technology, water and agricultural projects with a focus on sustainable development. An investor in Dredgit Environmental since its…

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Glen Runnels

President and Chief Financial Officer

Glen Runnels brings more than 30 years experience in the financial services industry to his position as president of Dredgit Environmental. Since 1990, Mr. Runnels has been president of Merit Financial, Inc., offering nontraditional financing for businesses with revenues of less than $50 million. Merit offers customized debt and equity…

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Pat Hightower

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Pat Hightower serves as Dredgit’s V.P. of sales and marketing, designing and implementing non-chemical sludge and silt removal solutions for municipal, chemical processing and oil and gas industry customers. He brings more than 18 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, including design and sales of natural gas compressor packages,…

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Jared Mark

Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Jared Mark brings considerable experience in project management, design, and compliance. He joined Dredgit in March 2015 after six years with FloaTEC, a Houston-based engineering services provider for the design and construction of deepwater floating production systems. Most recently, Mr. Mark directed successful multimillion-dollar international proposals for the design of…

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Chris Napier

Vice President Operations

Mr. Napier has over 35 years of experience in solids / liquid separation, Land farming, De-watering, and water treatment in the oilfield as well as Industrial applications. He has worked in over 8 countries abroad and managed operations with up to 125 field employees. Chris is experienced in many technologies,…

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Rusi Patel

Sales Manager

Rusi Patel brings significant experience in project management, dewatering design, and business development. He began his career as a drilling and completion engineer, designing, managing, and executing several multi-million dollar shale drilling and completion campaigns across the US for BP and BHP Billiton. Thereafter he ventured out and founded an…

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